Unique – Postcard from Porvoo Finland

City of Porvoo Finland

Welcome to Porvoo.
Porvoo is the perfect destination for those who value cultural services and a great atmosphere. Small and idyllic Porvoo, Finland’s second oldest town (1346) , is situated just 50 kilometres east of Helsinki.

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  1. Finland is on my vacation-wish-list. I hope to get there sometime. About ”your” tulips: you can try to plant them in a basket with special ground/sand in it? They grow almost everywhere!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, with love,
    Suzan J.

  2. Haa hienoja Porvoon makasiineja ! Hyvin sopii turisteille mainostaa. Min foto var en traditionel water and sky from Kemi.It was called Finland, a land with 1000s of lakes 😉

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