Unique – Urban landscape


A snapshot from a trip from Denmark to Sweden over the The Øresund Bridge, a 16 km bridge, artificial island and a tunnel, is my picture to in Unique Exposures this week.
The fixed link across Øresund comprises a four km immersed tunnel, an artificial island, Peberholm, which is four km long, and an eight km cable-stayed bridge. The high bridge is a cable-stayed bridge those pylons are 204 m high. Navigational clearance is 57 m under the free span, which is 490 m long. The bridge is on two levels with the railway running along the lower deck and the motorway on the upper. Construction of the Øresund Bridge took place between 1995 and the beginning of 2000. The landworks on the Danish side comprise an approximately 12 km long electrified railway from the start of the link at the Øresund coast to Copenhagen Central Railway Station along with a nine km motorway from the coast to the existing motorway network on West Amager. The Swedish landworks comprise an approximately ten km railway and motorway link from Lernacken to Fosie (south east of Malmö) and an extension to selected railway sections from Lernacken towards Malmö. Read more about the bridge

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