I is for Inlines

My partners inlines – yes we call rollerblades ‘inlines’ here in Sweden – they should be cleaned before they can to be used again. We have no snow left, but there is a lot of gravel on the streets. So he has to wait …

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13 reaktioner på ”I is for Inlines

  1. Så gøy navn dere svenskene har på rollerblades da, det viste jeg ikke.
    Og det til tross for at jeg har bodd i Göteborg en periode.
    Stilig bilde!

  2. Very unusual photo – at first I thought is was part of a motorbike !

    I’m surprised you could use roller blades in the snow – I assumed they need a good flat surface.

    A good photo -I shall now look at the rest of your Blog…

  3. I am glad you explained what inlines are – I would have never guessed:) Hope that he does not have to wait too long before he can use them again.

  4. Great photo. I’m too clumsy for inlines but admired a skater I saw in Paris as he ballanced while waiting for the traffic lights to change so he could cross the road.

  5. Interesting take on ‘i’ week!

    My son used to rollerblade on ‘inlines’! I recognised the picture almost immediately!

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