J is for Jail

The jail in Norrköping

round_4_bannerThe jail/prison’s main building in Norrköping was built during the 1790’s and is Sweden’s oldest. Then it was used as a working center for women who were forced to work in the textile industry.

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11 reaktioner på ”J is for Jail

  1. What a great, historic ”J” for today! Living here in the states I’m always amazed and delighted to find so many buildings that have been around for so long and are still in use. It’s one of the things I love about Europe and enjoyed when I lived there. Thanks so much for a great post!

  2. J var minsann ingen lätt bokstav.. 😛
    Och på engelska dessutom!
    Det är första gången jag deltar i den här utmaningen 🙂

    Du hittade ju ett utmärkt J – Jail! 🙂
    Spännande med lite bakgrundshistoria också!

    Tusen tack för dina fina ord – de värmer som solar 🙂
    Sov så gott!
    Kramar Anna

  3. Well, that explains why it is so much nicer and more decorative that our own local jail which was only built a few years ago! It’s stark and barren and forbidding .. as befits its use, I suppose … but your jail is quite beautiful.

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