L is for Lichen


Four different Lichen – the light green in the background and the upper right  was growing on my appletree, the lower right on an old fence and the one at the left side in an old ladie’s garden. The green one in the background was about 5 cm in diameter.

lichen4-mini lichen3-mini See each of them here.

Read more about lichen in Wikipedia 

lichen2-mini lichen1-mini  Look at more L-photos at

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8 reaktioner på ”L is for Lichen

  1. Marvelous photos and the lichen is beautiful! We have lots of that here in Seattle. Great for ”L” day! Have a great week!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how many different types of lichen there are? I love all the different colors and shapes. Great choice for the letter L.

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