N is for Norrkoping – my town

Welcome to Norrköping – my hometown in Sweden

Rock carvings 3000 years old
We start our walk in Norrköping a little bit outside, in Himmelstalund, where we can look at our about 3000 year old rock carvings. This is a meeting place for all those interested in prehistoric times. (Lat N 58° 35′ 39″ Lon E 16° 8′ 40″)


We walk along Motala Ström and we have passed our jail (see J i for Jail), here is the beginning of the  Norrköpings industrial landscape. Few european cities can boast such a well-preserved industrial area as Norrköping. In Swedens ”Manchester” the industrial development started in the 17th century and carried on through to the middle of the 20th century. In these buildings you will find our University, many IT companies, museums, restaurants asw. (Lat N 58° 35′ 22″ Lon E 16° 10′ 33″)


A little bit downstreams, the university and Bergsbron.


The new part of the university gives you a reflection of the Bergsbron.
(Lat N 58° 35′ 24″ Lon E 16° 10′ 41″)


Behind our concert hall Louis De Geer is this waterfall. During the dark Winter is the fall illuminated in all the clours in the rainbow.


Tea-time at Kråkholmen at the other side of the concert hall, you can see it behind the trees.
(Lat N 58° 35′ 18″ Lon E 16° 11′ 1″)


Yes, you ARE still in Norrköping. This is our Kaktusgruppen. Approximately 25 000 cactus plants are planted at the end of June every year. The display itself is changed from year to year, depicting a theme which is of interest for that particular year.


At last, I allow you to take the Tramway around city.
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See you soon !

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12 reaktioner på ”N is for Norrkoping – my town

  1. Wow…a great tour of your city.

    The cactus garden is beautiful and your photo of the bergsbron reflected in the windows is very nice. The rock carvings are really interesting…..why are they red? Are they painted or is that the color of the rock?

    Thanks for the tour!

  2. wow…25,000 cactus plants – that sure I want to see.
    Norrkoping looks like an interesting , beautiful and peaceful place to visit. I will come back for more of the virtual tour. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Det var en hyggelig visitt! jeg falt spesielt for fossen og for det flotte speilbildet.

    Thank you for sharing – som de seier på blogsk.

  4. Thank you for a wonderful tour of your hometown. Great pictures and information. I especially like the reflection of the town in the windows.

  5. Wow – cacti in Norway! I’m surprised, but I don’t know why, since I know very little about your climate!

    I love that picture of the reflections in the window. It’s amazingly good.

  6. My deep apologies. I put Norway instead of Sweden! I’m embarrassed.

    This is what you get for running through ABC Wednesday posts – you hardly know which country you’re ‘in’!

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