R is for Red

Welcome onboard to this minitrip in red around Scandinavia.

We start our trip in Copenhagen, Denmark, the country I lived in when I was 17 and unkissed 😉


It is in early May last year, at a small restaurant in Gråbrødretorv. 
(Lat: N 55º 40″ 77′ / Long: E 12º 34″54′)


Next stop this Spring is Elsinore, we are walking in a narrow lane in the old part.
(Lat: N 56º 2″ 14′  / Long: E 12º 36″ 57′ )


Now a photo from Malmoe, Sweden, behind the big Turning torso – I’ll show you the buildning at T. This is an Autumn picture, but so lovely red.
(Lat N 55° 36′ 5″ / Lon E 12° 59′ 46″)


Next stop, my hometown Norrköping, behind our Municipal Museum. I have lived in this town for more than 30 years now.
(Lat N 58° 35′ 23″ Lon E 16° 10′ 48″)

And now to the country where I was born – Finland:


The Market Square in Helsinki.
(N 60º 10″04′ /E 24º 57″ 32′)

Thank you for travelling with me !
Happy travel around other R-photos at ABC Wednesday

Bye bye


11 reaktioner på ”R is for Red

  1. You forgot us 😉

    Jeg burde vel skrive dette på norsk da – en fin oversikt. Spesielt likte jeg bildene fra Danmark.

    • Jag har haft många bilder både här i denna blogg och i min andra blogg från 17. Mai firandet i Oslo – det är orsaken till att jag inte valde någon bild från Norge denna gång.

  2. What a lovely trip! Thank you for the tour and the bright patches of red — everywhere! Really terrific shots!!

  3. What lovely vivid reds. Great gloves, I thought they were reindeer at first, must get my eyes tested.

  4. Lovely reds! Thank you for taking us on this tour and for participating this week. Elsinore reminds me of Hamlet–I didn’t realize there is an actual town by this name.

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