S is for Summertime – soon


We love Spring and Summer here in Scandinavia. After a dark and cold winter are Spring and Summer more welcome than Christmas. We appreciate the light, the flowers, the green grass, the warm winds – everything in our wonderful nature.

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12 reaktioner på ”S is for Summertime – soon

  1. And it always looks so pretty in Scandinavia in the summer, from the pictures I’ve seen! I love the cream-coloured cows. 🙂

  2. Det er noe eget med husdyr. kanskje det skyldes vår egen bakgrunn. Koselig bilde, men uvant farge på kyrne – våre er stort sett røde.

  3. Ah yes, summer is wonderful. I can only imagine how wonderful after a dark and cold winter. Nice picture and a good choice for the letter S.

  4. We love coming summer here in BC as well. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Swallowtail butterfly. – Margy

  5. I, too, am much excited about spring and summer – our seasons are fairly similar – seems like it’s cold and dark here for months and months…then a little spurt of warm and sun…ah. Lovely photo!

  6. Two of my favourite ”S” words which we never seem to get enough of. Your photograph is beautiful with so much to explore. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Nice farm scene. I guess the cattle would have wintered over inside a barn, and are now enjoying the feel of grass under their feet again. In New Zealand all farm animals live outside all year round.

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