T is for Theatre

Ostgota teatern

Sweden’s largest regional theatre, the Östgötateatern in my town Norrköping, is charged with the responsibility of producing theatre for the citizens of the County at the highest artistic level. Drama, of both foreign and domestic origin; theatre for children and youth, and for the past 30 years, a strong tradition of musical theatre, has been the hallmark of the Östgötateatern.
Facts: On February 29, 1908 opened the theater house in Norrköping, a building in Art Nouveau style with a salon in purple and gray. The theater is drawn by Axel Anderberg, the recent major architect – he has notably designed the Royal Opera and Oscar Theater in Stockholm and several theaters in the countryside.
The ceiling was midnight blue with golden stars and the walls were decorated with golden grape bunches, birds, flowers – motifs from nature, typical of Art Nouveau. Later painted all over with white, but at the recent renovation of the Salon (1982) restored the original appearance, the roof and walls was painted grey-green, not blue and the decorations got new gilt. And a glorious cut-glass chandelier hang in the middle – made on Rejmyre glass factory, consisting of 10,063 prisms and 750 kg heavy.

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  1. Et teater må være en meget bra T, og dette var i alle fra utsiden vel verd å bringe videre (og det er sikkert like bra innenfor også).

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