W is for Wolves

This week at ABC Wednesday is the letter a W – I have been longing for this day.
Longing to show you my pictures of wolves !
In early May I had the chance to visit the wolves at Kolmården zoo.
We had really close contact with them.
We scratched them in the stomach, we got licked in the face.
These wolves are accustomed to visitors, but is nevertheless very much wolf.

At the beginning of our visit, they were curious about us, but soon they returned to the their usual game.
Bye, bye.
These wolfes in Kolmården are still wild animals though they are bred in a zoo and will never get out in the nature.  They felt like big dogs, not dangerous at all. But they are.

11 reaktioner på ”W is for Wolves

  1. Those wolves look lovely, albeit a bit sad. Especially the first one, he looks as if he has to carry the weight of the world!

  2. Wonderful to see and visit so you can touch them. But wouldn’t they be better off in their own habitat? I know that is controversial because how else would we learn about such a magnificent animal?

  3. I also am a lover of wolves. One of girlfriends has a wolf she raised from a pup. Fantstic animals and photographs.

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