Z is for Zippers

The very first Z-word I got in my mind was Zoo. We have a very nice zoo ‘Kolmården Zoo’ here in my town Norrköping and I have many pictures from the zoo too. But, I think many of you out there will show us photos from a zoo, so I tried to find something else.

I collect zippers and buttons (not really – but they are good to have when I need a new one). I picked some of them today and made the word ZIPPERS:


And with these zippers I’ll close this ABC-round. But we have three more letters in the swedish alphabet Å, Ä and Ö – lucky us.

Look at more Z-photos at ABC Wednesday 


4 reaktioner på ”Z is for Zippers

  1. Ikke dum z det der – jeg lurte på å bruke zap, da min hoved PC er ”zapped”…

    Når det gjelder ÆØÅ så bare bruk dem der de passer (eller ikke)! I runde to definerte jeg Å som AA og brukte stedsnavnet Å.

    God sommer!

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